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Toons These Days: Ep 23

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Sorry about the lip-sync. I attempted to do it like an anime to help speed up the animation process.

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Good video and you are right on what you say. But let's not forget that it's an anime. Most anime have a hero with super powers. Here, the cards are remnants from ancient Egypt and they carry the essence of those monsters. It is not to be taken seriously but some battles are very intense. Sure, the battles and cards have to follow a story to promote new cards, but it's fun to see all that in the ridiculous seriousness of the YGO universe.

A few very bad things: in YGO GX Jaden plays the dog that gets him 2 new cards every time, and he never lost a single fight, even though he was a rookie and a slacker. In Zexal, the augmented reality holograms hurt them, which is not explained but that's from the momentum the series has gained from previous installments. And the only protagonist without a spirit (split personality disorder) was Yusei from 5Ds. YGO is the only anime I seen from start to finish and while Im not proud of it, I had a lot of fun because of how preposterous everything is! Plus I enjoy the near-future theme and gadgets!

I thought you gi oh was decent before but Conroy has a point

You know I aregee alot also AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO LIKES CONROY?!?!? *amem* anyways I have the excact same feelings about well I mean conroy The other um what dog's is eh....

Lol I like your perspective but I love the ORIGINAL Yu-Gi-Oh. It's almost strange how a show based around cards was so dark at times. I mean Yami "mind crushed" (Killed) like 5 people in the first season. And the American theme was on "Rock The Dragon" and Batman theme levels of badassery. Not gonna lie some episodes and voice acting (Tristans Barney voice) can be down right atrocious including some of the issues you guys already discussed. But what makes all this null and void is Yu-gi-oh A.K.A Yami himself he just steals the show most time he's on screen escaping hopeless odds and situations with style and wit, never gets old. Getting back on track this animation was entertaining and I like watching and hearing differing opinions not only for diversity sake but sometimes because they challenge my own and may even adjust the way I view things, that's life. To not accept that is bad for humanity, period.

While i agree that the show was not as good as i thought it was when i started watching it, it's certainly not LAME, but i do know what's LAME... Conroy...