The Halloween Collab 2013

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In the great year of 2013, the first ever official animational-NG-Halloween-Collaboration-not-tied-to-any-specific-theme has been arranged!

Many users have contributed with their renditions on the serene theme of Halloween, so prepare... for an eventful venture into the darkest depths of ghastly dread and gory horror. O_o Along with plenty of other random creativity.
(Be sure to click the graves!)

Big thanks to VaguelyWonderful for organizing this event and puzzling together various pieces, to Amaranthus for scripts and assistance, to Cyberdevil for a masterful logo and preloader design, amongst other things... but most of all, thanks to everyone who participated and made this collective greatness a possibility! And thank YOU for watching!

Special thanks to Fat-Footy for fixing all the issues we experienced and thank you to A-Genius for adding the final sections. You two saved the collab!
Also sorry to VlikeVince for being unable to include his part, check out his userpage if you wish to see it.

It's a little bit late but... Happy Halloween!

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Wtf did I just watch? Most parts did not even make sense and the quality was poor.

Ugh...I see how hardly any views, the quality really isn't very good, and the voice quality and acting is total shit. Yeah I have to agree a waste of time and effort.

Not bad. I liked kembry's animation the best.

Now this was quite the Halloween collab.

The lack of proper management, quality of sound, animation, and taste, has made the review of this submission, quite low. A lofty attempt, but it lacks proper flow, and overall sense. I did not enjoy watching this even remotely. I can not fathom how anyone would or could even vote above a 2/10 for this. I was expecting so much more. Much disappointment on my part.

Credits & Info

4.14 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2013
6:57 PM EST