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The Spirit of Halloween 3

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It's over! Happy Halloween!

Somehow I still get regular messages about finishing this series after five years. So here it its.

Thanks to Mike and Andy Parker (Parks2 of College University) for their cameo.

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I love the voices. I liked the literal fourth wall breaking at the end. Shouldn't it have come from the front? Anyway, the animation was as good as ever. I loved Mike and Parker's cameo! I wish "College University" would come back.

Well, there's still Kung Fu Karl's adventures. Kibbles reminds me of Gir. The whole thing is quite "Invader Zim" like. I loved the joke about how long they've been there. Happy belated Halloween in every sense of the word.

Finally an ending!! Sounds kinda bad putting it this way but Im glad its finished after so long. toooo funny XDDDD

A fitting end. "You think people watched three episodes of random stupidity for morality?" That was great. It ended equivalent to monty python and holy grail.

love the funny ending when petey says:he broke the fourht wall! then marco says:what,this is how this ends?!