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-Orr-Stormy Seas

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A driving, epic piece written in 5/4.

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This is very good. So good in fact, that id like your permission to use this as a boss battle theme in an RPG game I'm working on.


For some strange reason, this makes me 10 times better at Call of Duty whenever I listen to it. (this also happens with Four Brave Champions too)

Epic theme

One of my favorite newgrounds musics:)

Oh My Gawd.... Zombie Inglor!

this song reminded me of it and i just had to play it again. so now i know where the original music came from. keep it coming can't get enough of it.


Written in 5/4, you say? That sounds strenuous. And yes, I know what it means. 5 beats per measure, quarter note is one beat (....right?). I play violin.

So yeah, awesome song. Listening to it is like biting into a sandwich made of peanut butter, Fluff, Nutella, honey, chocolate syrup, and pirate, with a bit of seasoning made from the herbs Epic, Awesome, Holy Shit, and I Love This Song.
5/5, 10/10

DavidOrr responds:

5/4 is five beats per measure with the quarter note getting the beat (you're correct). If I were to score this piece it would most likely be scored in 3/8 3/8 2/4 (3 measures alternating time signature). When I sequenced it in Cubase I took the easy route and simply set the time signature to 5/4 so I wouldn't have to manually adjust the meter each measure within the program.

I probably should have specified in the description that it's not truly 5/4 - but I submitted this a long time ago and didn't think to do it!