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Blazing Void

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Author Comments

Blazing Void: The Burning Planet offers an arcade-style and fast-paced spacefighting game, combining the simplicity of Asteroids with the depth of modern war games like Ace Combat or Dynasty Warriors. Counting with a storyline for the player to follow apart from wave and practice modes, the game is available in both English and Spanish (translated by native speakers).

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This game unique! I like games like this, but this game have difference which make this game unique. Nice!

good game

AcetheSuperVillain responds:

Thanks, bro

Well here's my little review:
It's hard to the point that it's fun. I like it for that reason, however the prices really were high and the other ships beside Alloy Tengu, no offense, they're mostly fine except that some of them has ridiculously hard to use weapons specially that last ship in the shop. That ship has melee capabilities in ship form and an awesome mobile suit form, however it's speed needs adjusting and you will probably die a few times before you even destroy a target with it's main weapon.

Having said that, the other ships needs tweaking as well because they are practically hard to use on the later levels specially if it is the fleet battles. I really liked your concept of battle, being able to shoot down enemy projectiles including their missiles and such and certain weapons have range that goes beyond your field of view. Dodging bullets is not that hard, turn into mobile suit form and fire while going backwards.

I'll give this game a 3.5 rating, I would've given 5 if not for the ship selection.

At first, I was unhappy with this game. It was too hard, everything cost too much.... And then I realized: Its like Some of the console games I had trouble with, on gamecube, and N64. It took so long to get anywhere in those, yet it was the most satisfying when you actually did! Though I feel ships should be unlocked as you go along, not paid for, but thats relatively minor. Amazing game!

woaw playfoverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Credits & Info

3.85 / 5.00

Oct 29, 2013
2:16 PM EDT