Naya's Quest

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Go to the edge of the world, and see the truth.

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The gameplay is really really good and creative. I also love the pixel art style and the soundtrack.
The only problem is that obviously, there are some levels unfinished. :(

Not a single problem.

Also, Nitrome featured this on their blog.


its ok but it is hard to control

Definitely one of the best puzzle games I've seen. Really screws with your head, especially in the last dungeon.
I can only guess how much did it take to make this game because if it took me at least 2 hours to beat, to think the architecture, the difficulty and the puzzles through.
It's that game where it's frustrating to lose but makes it even more fun to continue it afterwards and that's not a usual sight.
All in all, I wish most indie games would be this good.

I'm slapping my forehead, because I just went left instead of right.
I'm grinding my teeth because I forgot that jumping "down" moves Naya 2 spaces.
I'm thumping my head against the keyboard because I can't remember which squares are available when.

Hello. My name is gussie, and I'm a Naya Junkie.

Graphics are among the most simple -- and yet the most subtle -- I've seen in ages.

I'm afraid I'm not following the story too well, because it takes me so blinkin' long to get through some rooms than others that I lose the thread.... uh, apocalypse, she's on her own and seeking the end of the earth. Okay, but her musings from room to room are what I'm missing, I guess.

How's this for a review -- "I love this game, because it makes me feel stupid sometimes."

I need to find another Save point before pack it in for this session, so I'd better get at it.

Your Aunt Gussie

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4.24 / 5.00

Sep 26, 2013
9:11 AM EDT
Puzzles - Falling