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Fluffy the Silly Bunny

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Fluffy the Silly Bunny! Based off of a sketch I drew all the time in 10th Grade, I finally animated him. As an homage to my younger self, this was the very first animation I have done.

Originally uploaded to my Youtube channel. Subscribe there too for more stuff!

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Did you watch Happy Tree Friends when you were a kid?
Because it looked like you watched Happy Tree Friends when you were a kid.


thekillzar responds:

Among other things, yes I did. I credit my taste in dark humor to other flash artists on this site like OneyNG, HarryPartridge, psychicpebbles, etc, but I also take inspiration from other cartoons like Drawn Together and South Park. I'm planning a sequel to this and working on a bunch of stuff to upload soon, so stay and watch for some more! Thanks for watching!

That was a shocker.

Well that escalated quickly...lol

nice. reminds me of the Bunny Beast of Antioch.

"but... it's just... a rabbit! a little rabbit! I.. AGHHHHH!"

it's funny these cute bunny transformate into monster bunny. nice work ;P