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Play as a robot with customizable equips and fight against other robots in this new unique battle engine!

WASD or Arrow keys to move
Hold space to rotate rotary ring
Hold space to rotate rotary ring
Hold space to rotate rotary ring
Hold space to rotate rotary ring
Hold space to rotate rotary ring

Shift to reset ring

Seriously read the instructions before you vote 2 stars

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It was alright, it's a decent concept but needs work. The hit registry is terrible which makes the gun basically useless and often times the blade does not do damage. There seems to be an issue with the stat points where it says you have like 20 but it will only add like 3 to the actual stat if you use them all, same with purchasing stat points, it will require multi purchases before actually gaining a point. It seems like there is some sort of leveling system for the cost that isn't working properly or maybe its just a bug. Also if a melee enemy knocks you into a corner it will instantly pin you there and there's no way to avoid getting killed.

i realy like this game and i dont understand why u exspect 2 stars i would like to see some of your other games when u post them
5 stars :)

TotemStudios responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

This game is pretty good. Sorta boring, but It's better than most other uploaded. I enjoyed it for a good 5 minutes. Thanks for making this game :D

its a very good game

TotemStudios responds:


Its ok, but some gripes: what does strength even do? Is it a damage multiplier? Does it increase knockback? Does it just add attack onto your attack? 2: The explosive gun launcher was very bad, the laser is much better due to the fact it takes forever to reload the explosive gun and the damage isnt even impressive. 3: Spikes are very strong in this game because of the fact that the enemies come too fast for you to shoot them, i just surrounded myself with spikes (which are much better than swords by the way because the sword allows spiked enemies to damage you, something which should also be balanced).

TotemStudios responds:

Strength is basically mass, think of it as a Styrofoam ball and a steel ball, the styrofoam ball will take more damage from colliding with something else and fly further whereas the steel ball will probably take very little damage and wont fly very far. Attack is the damage dealt from sword / spikes and resilience is just armor which reduces % of damage taken. I should been more descriptive for the upgrades but keep your eyes open for Evolute 2! The explosive gun was probably not as impressive given it was the most expensive weapon in the game, but if you attached multiple grenade launchers at once it can be pretty powerful. Spikes do twice the damage as swords do!

Credits & Info

3.56 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2013
9:55 PM EDT

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