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Giggi's Quest (Prototype)

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So this is a rather experimental game we made under a tight deadline. Although the game jam lasted 2 weeks, we put this together in a little less than 4-5 days. We had prototyped several other completely unrelated ideas before scrapping them completely and ending up with this!

Controls! (A bit tricky!)
-Move with WASD/Arrow keys
-Command Giggi's by holding down mouse
-The longer you charge the mouse, the faster they will move, with greater power, and the more Giggi's will respond to the command
-If you want only a small amount of Giggi's to attack/move, hold the mouse for a short period
-Stand next to a knocked out Giggi to revive him
-Giggi's can help you reach things that you can't, attack, and defend.
-Should you launch all your Giggi's at the enemy and be defenseless? Or do you play it slow and keep some to protect you? It's all about strategy!
-The more Giggi's that are latched onto an enemy, the more the enemy will be distracted from you, and will focus on attacking the Giggi's around him.

Personal Thoughts:

While this was rather rushed, I really like the mechanic, and I think it has a lot of potential if we could have fleshed it out more. Imagine the Giggi's being useful in a variety of other ways, collaborating with each other, being used to collectively solve puzzles or even as an RTS game where you decide your own formations and fight other enemies with their own mini-giggi armies!

The Screenshot we used:

http://www.newgrounds.com /art/view/thedevilsgarage /kid-fighter-2000

I know this seems *really* far away from the screenshot, but our thought process went something like this: What if, instead of playing with the big burly blue dude beating little kids, you played with the little kids? And what if it was top-down instead of sidescroller? And then it went from there.

I hope you enjoy!


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Vert cute artstyle.

EXCELLENT, loved the mechanics I feel there is so much room for this game to bloom in! I loved the style and the game play.
I was just sad it was so short.
please develop this game!

Like a cross between Kirby Mass Attack and Offspring Fling.

it's sooo cute :D

:D this is adorable