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Reviews for "Giggi's Quest (Prototype)"

it is so cute i could play forever

That, for what it was and how long you worked on it, was amazing. Please do not give up on this project! It could be expanded so much, and I see great potential in it!

The music was fitting for the game, seeing as how everything was cutesy, although the word "KILL!" on the ground sometimes made a refreshing contrast to it, reminding you that it's kill or be killed.

Maybe there's a darker side to the world? Perhaps this is just how you're SEEing the world, when, in fact, you're commanding a small army in a dark, sinister world to take down your enemies?

I don't know, but one thing is for sure. You did a great job with this one, and I really look forward to seeing how you'll expand upon it!

Controls seemed perfect, both responsive and intuitive.

I've only left off half a star because it needs to be built upon, but as a concept, I'd give it 5 stars any day.

this game was really fun is was kinda like pikmin that's why i like it (plus its cute)

i really enjoy this game :D! make a sequel!!!

I Really liked the concept for this little game. feels like Pikmin on Gamecube :)
There's something very Miyazaki about the characters. I guess in a way it reminds me of the scene in My Neighbor Totoro where Totoro and his little friends begin dancing around the garden to make the seeds sprout and grow.

You owe it to yourselves to continue to develop this into a full (why not 3D?) title!!! Xbox Live arcarde or PS4 Network perhaps? :D