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A Pokemon Bike Ride

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My first eva animation!!!

Yeah it's not that great, sound clips, lazy animation, etc etc, but I learnt a lot and that's what matters (probably).

More animations will be coming along soon, shorter, better quality, more skillful, and all that good stuff (hopefully) so stick around, maybe we can hold hands and I can spit in your face...

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...W- Why is his hair white? you do know that his hair is black and he's wearing a hat/beanie of sorts? You do know that, right? RIGHT?!

ThatGoatface responds:

Oh my gooooood! I know! Why does this really bother people?

It started off okay... but the entire last half of the movie was just a big "what the heck is going on?". I didn't like it. The voices and animation were okay but it just didn't make sense, and it seemed pretty crude.

The animation was good, the style and plot though.. bad.

Hahaha I see what you did there Jecjoker. +1 for you XD

For the flash, well like most people said the animation is good, the idea is funny.( for me atleast, hadn't see a pokemanz flash for a long time.) and it got my hopes up for the ''coming soon'' part. But seriously, try to fix the audio. It's such a shame.