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Reviews for "A Pokemon Bike Ride"

Fail, Brendan does not have white hair. That's a knit hat. His real hair color is black.

ThatGoatface responds:

Well, I guess I better kill myself now

I do not mean to be harsh here but I really do not thing that this should be on the front page but oh well, good job on getting front page. Now time for the criticism...criticism is good for the soul~

-nice animation in the beginning(compared to other beginning works I have seen)
-good artwork
-not bad audio

-the ending animation skipped frames some
-no real point to what is going on and no point to what the guy is even saying, he is just narrating himself basically
-sound effects sounded like they were all done with your mouth
-the ending had almost nothing to do with the video
-the comedy really needs work

Hopefully you change some things that will help you in your future works but the animation was well done for your first animation, keep up the good work and I hope to see you in the future on Newgrounds again.

ThatGoatface responds:

Thanks for taking the time to write a critique! And yeah I'd agree completely with you, this was mostly just getting to grips with everything about flash and trying to put it into some coherent publishable form, so I kinda purposefully bit off more than I could chew. And also I had fun with the sound effects ^^

Is there a PEDA for pokemon? If so, I need that number...lol.

ThatGoatface responds:


Snorlax Tits?

ThatGoatface responds:

Snorlax Tits.


ThatGoatface responds: