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Welcome to the Sunset Isles, where greyhound racing is everyone's favorite activity. Pick out a greyhound companion and train it to be the grand champion. Race, train and take care of your dog as you manage each week and plan out your winning strategy.
* Compete in thrilling races with dynamic and exciting outcomes.
* Improve your dog's traits in speed, stamina and acceleration by training on the beach.
* Buy supplies, toys and fun costumes for your dog from the local pet shop.
* Manage your dog's health and treat their conditions at the Sunset Isles veterinary clinic.
* Manage your costs wisely to improve your greyhound's performance in races.
* Sit back, relax and watch a few races as you try to pick out the winners.

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Surprisingly addictive.
Simple, straightforward gaming fun.
The music is an... odd choice.
Lovely bit of game here.
Well done.

Greyhound owner here. This game is pretty well made. I really like how you treat your dog as a pet in this game. They really do make great pets, and I'm glad you encourage the idea. Additionally, the fact that you take care of your dog when he's sick, take him home with you, and buy him toys really make you feel like the owner. The amount of time they need to rest is pretty realistic too. They are lazier than people give them credit for being.

Now, about the game itself: Graphics are really nice. The running animation is spot-on, and the artwork, while nothing phenomenal, is quite nice nonetheless. The music, while nothing memorable, really puts you into a relaxed mood, and helps you to enjoy the game. The bubble clicking gimmick is a little silly, in my opinion, as it has nothing to do with greyhounds. But I see where you were going with it, just giving the game that gaming part to it. Still a bit unnecessary, though, as it's really so easy that all it is is a distraction from the actual race. Also, the odds factor in the race is very misleading. A little "1/" would help the newbie. "Happiness" and "Clicking" during the speed training tutorial are also misspelled. It's a bit unpolished, but I'm giving a 5 for the greyhounds. :)
(One last thing, I kinda wish you could have a brindle. They're not too uncommon amongst greyhounds, and look so awesome, so I was kinda disappointed it wasn't an option.)

just an amazing game so fun

The mailman who comes to my house has no idea what he's up against. :P

The major thing I thought a bit off was that after having bought all the items for your dog, there's no way to keep him/her happy when distracted or upset. In theory this is not so noticeable in the cell-phone version, assuming the addition of other items. But at the same time, I would imagine it also occurs in the full version at the latest stages. Some other form of heightening your dog's spirits, given these assumptions and that I am correct in them, is all I'm contemplating.

The music was very repetitive, especially given the obscene amount of time I played this, so some variety would be nice. The mute button effectively solves that problem, more or less, but you don't really want your player resorting to that, do you? Also, it seems strange that the mini-game for speed training is different from the races, while the game for stamina is the same. It makes sense, given that stamina upkeeps your dog in the races, and you're training stamina. But the initial thought I had was, "oh, he couldn't think of any other mini-games." In reality that's rather minor, however. On the other hand, variation in gameplay is never a bad thing.

I generally stayed away from betting, as the benefits of doing so seemed very slight. I'm no mathematician, however, so I'll leave true judgment of that to brighter minds.

I played this until my dog was practically unstoppable, so you've made a fun game. In conclusion, my biggest gripe is that now I need to go get the full-version. :)

Betting system has no sens, the propability of winning is smaller than 1/10 judging by the frequency of my winnings., no matter how big are the odds. So I gave up betting. And dog gets sick too often. I had to cure him every week 3 times in a row. You should check also some other things. Game is quite nice.

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4.40 / 5.00

May 16, 2013
5:22 PM EDT
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