Reviews for "Greyhound Racer"

It's Color NOT Colour Benda. Also spelt as Center not Centre... Centre isn't even a word used... It's considered obsolete. All in all, a good game though. Wish we could race others Online.

Benspyda responds:

I'm from Australia where those words are indeed spelled that way(the same as Britain). Thanks for the 5 star review.

just an amazing game so fun

Greyhound owner here. This game is pretty well made. I really like how you treat your dog as a pet in this game. They really do make great pets, and I'm glad you encourage the idea. Additionally, the fact that you take care of your dog when he's sick, take him home with you, and buy him toys really make you feel like the owner. The amount of time they need to rest is pretty realistic too. They are lazier than people give them credit for being.

Now, about the game itself: Graphics are really nice. The running animation is spot-on, and the artwork, while nothing phenomenal, is quite nice nonetheless. The music, while nothing memorable, really puts you into a relaxed mood, and helps you to enjoy the game. The bubble clicking gimmick is a little silly, in my opinion, as it has nothing to do with greyhounds. But I see where you were going with it, just giving the game that gaming part to it. Still a bit unnecessary, though, as it's really so easy that all it is is a distraction from the actual race. Also, the odds factor in the race is very misleading. A little "1/" would help the newbie. "Happiness" and "Clicking" during the speed training tutorial are also misspelled. It's a bit unpolished, but I'm giving a 5 for the greyhounds. :)
(One last thing, I kinda wish you could have a brindle. They're not too uncommon amongst greyhounds, and look so awesome, so I was kinda disappointed it wasn't an option.)

Surprisingly addictive.
Simple, straightforward gaming fun.
The music is an... odd choice.
Lovely bit of game here.
Well done.

I'm still playing, and the game is really addicting! I have one problem though; the rest cycle is too long. It just slows the pace down too much. Other wise amazing!