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Ninja Action - 2

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Ninja knew that German language will prove worthless with time and refued to learn it in school. When teacher of German language invited Ninja's teacher to come to school, he sweared and insulted her as "Nazi spy", calling Ninja's grandfather to come over. His grandfather knew a lot about nazis and teached it to his grandson.
Maybe it never actually happened, and kitties are here only because any plot becomes suddenly so cute with them.

Music: Kharmaguess, GReeNOX, Toxic Mix (Tearsonlyin')


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It's been 7 years......can't wait for the completed story!


This was a real intense "FILM" love the action in this the "GRAPHICS" was pretty good too love the opening scene with the little girl or kid, the side view shots in this was pretty amazing, Dont think anything should be changed about this but do make more to it, anyways nice movie.

Dont think anything should be changed about this but do make more to it


I remember watching this ages ago when I was still a bit new to Newgrounds. Loved every bit of it, decided to look it up again cuz I got reminded of it from something else. Still as good as I remembered it. Very good job on this.

Awesome job! One long epic Battle against loads of enemies! Just the way I like it! It's like Madness Combat meets Kill Bill or something!

Also the art style reminds me a lot of Puella Magi, with the way you mix drawn animated characters with photoshopped realistic images. Heck, this scenario could work as some sort of Witch Barrier too!

Which reminds me, could you show me how to make stuff like that? I'm trying to make a Puella Magi animation, but that style is so difficult for me. Or maybe share some sprites or something? It would really help me out here!

Nice sync with music, awesome fight, we can see complete master piece