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Reviews for "Ninja Action - 2"

ONCE AGAIN... ANOTHER TRIUMPH! I'm definitely enjoying this one's cliffhanger storyline... and once again good bits of humor and "kick assitude" masterfully combined into this epic indescribable piece of NINJA ACTION 2! Can't wait for Ninja Action 3!
6/5 stars,
- Ultimate King of Evil
P.S. (There's that homicidal little redhead again, and the cat, LOL)

The animation is awesome! Some parts of the animation looks more like Metal Gear Solid and Assassin Creed to me, but definitely more hardcore than them. I am surprise that you are able to squeeze in so many actions and combats into a short animation time. The animation itself is clearly skilled and creative with some combat, brutality and humor in it. Definitely worth watching the whole thing.

and I thought this one was going to be stupid. IM THE STUPID ONE!

This was actually really cool. My favorite part was when the tv host guy was syncing with one of the fight scenes. This must have took a really long time. You have become an inspiration for a animation that I am currently working on.

Being a martial artist, I find it interesting to see what these videos have in them. Great fight scenes. Never seen the artwork done with full bodied characters before. Only with stick people. Such amazing creativity and hard work. Keep it up!