Dragon Boy 2

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-wasd/arrow keys to move
-Mouse to attack in certain direction.

Player 2:
-wasd to move
-j or k to attack

-Numeric keys as skill short-cuts

Menu keys:
-i for inventory
-t for skill tree
-p for team party
-o for options

Available in english, spanish and mandarin.


I really enjoyed the first game and this is an improvment. Decent game length and character progression. Overall 4.5 stars

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@logan29 Yes. You restart because the game doesn't use online saves. I mean, who wouldn't know that?

As for my review, The game's quite nice, a few bugs and glitches here and there, but it's quite tolerable.

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i liked the game itself and all but im giving 3 stars cuz for some reason when i switch computers i have to completly restart? like i con only play that character on that specific computer?

I have a sword in my inventory and i cant sell it or take it and it is still in my inventory thats sucks !
And my dragon (2nd form) does not attack the monsters ! :(

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-1 star for invisible enemies bug occurring on Dragon boy stage.
-1 star for Ice dragon at 3rd form just blindly follows and don't even attack at all.
-1 star for uncontrollable character because of too fast movespeed and summons stuck at one place.
- all the star for Umbra's morph bug at level 17 (shield +1 summon , armor+1 all skills , weapon + 2 p ress and master but I think also +2 all skills) . Before morph HP at 400+ after morph HP become 11k (+95% but this is ridiculous) at level 18 it shoot up to 100+k HP (wow umbra become god!!!) at level 19 the max HP just keep raising without limit but at level 20 max HP become this word : Infinity. But when I unmorph HP become NaN and upon returning to town non-stop dying and nothing can be done.

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3.73 / 5.00

May 14, 2013
5:15 PM EDT
Adventure - Other