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Shooting in the Dark

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Press Space to go through dialogue.

Do video games make people violent? Or is it just the things we go through?

**Have no idea how this made front page, but okay i'll take it.
Thank you so much for featuring my game on the front page, I know it has many problems, I plan on fixing all of them and re releasing this.

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Still not sure what to say here.... I still can't get the game to work. I get to the point where I pick up the gun, then the screen goes black and I either get sent back to the beginning of the game, or I get sent back to that point and have to pick up the gun again. Then it just goes black again.

The concept is very nice and it's easy to tell that lots of effort was put into the project, but there are quite a few bugs that interfere with the gameplay immensely. I'm sure this game will be much more positively reviewed if the bugs were to be worked out.

Great concept, but unfortunately the game was unplayable due to bugs.

When i get the gun, i've a black screen.
If i click on the location of the wardrobe, i come back in the chamber, and the only thing I can do is to open the box again... BIG BUG...
I can't continue so...

Concept is nice, but there's so many problems right now that the game is almost unplayable. Somehow I just started to loop the first day over and over again. At the end I got to play the second day once, but after that I was at the beggining again. I liked it, but I can't really say anything else before it's been fixed :(