Ninja Action

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An animated action movie in vein of old console games. Inspired by and partially borrowed from games like Mortal Kombat, BattleToads, Double Dragon, Street Fighter, and Street of Rage. Chinese movies of 80s-90s starring Jackie Chan and other actors as well as the famous cartoon called xiao xiao.

Frontpage, Weekly Users' Choice, Review Crew Pick.
Wow. Just... wow.
This is really something and I would like thank Tom Fulp, first of all, for creating such place as Newgrounds. Newgrounds staff for noticing my animation and frontpaging it. And newgrounds community for your kind reviews and time to watch Ninja Action. I, honestly, read all of them, but unable to answer them all currently.
But here are answers for some frequently asked questions:
-Yes, it actually took me 9 years to make Ninja Action;
-Music, heard in Ninja Action, is from Yakuza Revenge and used with permission;
-Also, I will upload second part soon.


this totally freakin awsome

es increible

Wow, This is f*cking Superb!

You've done xaio xaio proud...

No..I think you're the next generation of action flashes. For this day forth, anything comparable will be called dex00...

Love the tiny details in all the background, simple amazing.

Excellent job.

This reminded me of the "Sprite" days. I loved each and every frame in this action packed sequence. Our little protagonist reminded me of Ermac, and a little bit of Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden. I adored how little repitition there was in your characters moveset as well as his enemies. Nice use of making a 2-D plane look 3-D due to your large amount of side steps and grapples. Whatever that guys name is, he must be feared. The ending made me chuckle a bit. All that ass kicking, and he still forgot what he came for. Even Ninjas make mistake. I really respected how you decided not to make him untouchable, allowing him to take damage due to his minor misjudgements. Having small little scenarios in the film were a great attention grabber too. (Especially his developed relationship with the little girl). I see this is your first submission, and I'm really hoping it isn't the last. Keep it up Dex00, you're on point with your solo work. Expect big names to offer colabs with you. You're a hard worker.

Side note: I saw how in your description you were inspired by xiao xiao, a classic stick fight series. You aren't the only one. :)

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May 8, 2013
10:47 AM EDT
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