Reviews for "Ninja Action"

I usually don't log-in to watch the Movies, but, that was simply amazing. The effort put into it, the nostalgia I got out of it. That really made my day! Defenetily worth the Comment and Vote!

Loved it! Reminded me of Madness and ofc great references to the games. Great job man!

Best flash ive ever seen period. It was artsy and flavorful, lets not forget brutal. will show to all of my friends!


An absolutely incredible experience!

Awesome visuals, excellent fight coreography, some very funny little in-betweens that let me (and maybe the protagonist) take a breather from the high-paced action, and one heck of a wild ride. I love that each dude took several punches before they went down, which allowed for endless variations of combo moves all throughout the entire ride rather than one long drawn-out multi-kill with the same stale kicks and punches.

And boy, did he have moves. Clearly you take martial arts yourself, don't you? I recognized a few of those more technical moves you threw in there. Sure, it looks like he defended himself with an arm tap, but there is so much more to that move that it's easy to underestimate.

And on a final note: ...that was a big shotgun...