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Voxel Invaders

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This is a html5 port of my mobile phone game "voxel invaders"
The control is very basic: click to move, the ship fire automatically.

This is my first submission to newgrounds. The port has a few problems, the sound is not working very well, and there is no keyboard control. Also this version does not include all the original game levels. If enough people like it I'll make some updates.

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Can't turn off SFX. The last game I played had no mute option at all.

This is the first HTML5 game on this site which I have actually enjoyed. Most other HTML5 games mostly screw up or have horrible detection when pressing buttons etc.
I thought 2 things made this game interesting. First is that you can only fire the next shot once the first one have hit something, it makes for a new mechanic in a game like this. However, due to the lack of content, the whole "gotta go closer to fire faster" gimmick goes to waste, but I think it would've been a great game alone if you built on that.
Second is the 3d thing. When games try this, swapping perspectives or other game changing events, they mostly fail or makes it a pretty unmemorable experience. This game didn't do that. When it first happened I actually thought that it was pretty cool, rather than the usual meh.

I haven't finished the game yet, but as far as I could see there were only 6 levels, and not much other things to do beside those levels, but that's all the complaints I got.

Wouldn't load, stuck at the screen saying "Preparing...(87/195)".

Very good, I liked the retro feel. I found that when the power up that changes your perspective drops, I want to avoid it though because right after it ended there was a shoot right in front of me.

To others who experience any problems with their browser, firefox and google chrome among others are great browsers and they are free.

I digress, I liked when the game switched art styles,, it gave the game major style points, but when it went B&W it lost some detail that made me slightly confused.

Add more art style changing :D

I have wait 10 minutes it isn't working for me -.-*
Using Mac - Safari Browser
I think you should look for cross platforming browser support before you upload a game! -.-.

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3.38 / 5.00

Apr 23, 2013
6:30 AM EDT