Reviews for "Voxel Invaders"

Really fun and quite challenging game, every zone is different and fun so it doesn't get repetitive and boring. When you pick up invincibility, I really like how the game turns into 3D mode. The design is great too

Nostalgic and fun!

I liked the game, for it has nice retro feel and fresh voxel perspective
I dont care about the sounds and controls, I see the visuals and I like what I see. I am sure the game is worth to play.

darshak responds:

Thanks! Well I guess I am too self critical...

This is pretty cool I like it, it's a pretty fun little mini game.

Very good, I liked the retro feel. I found that when the power up that changes your perspective drops, I want to avoid it though because right after it ended there was a shoot right in front of me.

To others who experience any problems with their browser, firefox and google chrome among others are great browsers and they are free.

I digress, I liked when the game switched art styles,, it gave the game major style points, but when it went B&W it lost some detail that made me slightly confused.

Add more art style changing :D