Guild Dungeons 2

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My biggest tip, is to pay attention to the feedback. If your guys are dying from archers, bring more archers to counter. Send someone ranged on every mission just to be safe. I think that is where most players are having trouble with mission success.

ATTENTION - A few players have reported FPS drops in this game on flash portals, but not on my homepage. If' you're experiencing lag, but want to try it on my home portal, go to LORESTROME.COM and try it. I haven't figured out yet why this is happening.

Also, don't quit the game while your men are on a quest, sometimes it freezes and I haven't fixed that yet. Make sure to let your men return from a quest before quitting.

This game is meant to take time to beat. You should not win it in one sitting! I hope that you don't. ^_^

There is a lot here, and you may not need it all to be victorious. The game is intended to be more about the experience rather than trying to win. So please guys, take your time, explore the game, try different things. It isn't a race to beat it, just try to have a good time getting your troops killed.

Thanks, if you find a bug, left me know and I will fix it, don't freak out and down vote and get mad. Relax, I'll get to it. Thanks in advance.

If you're having resource problems, be sure to read the quests and try to find one that gives you the resource you need, and try to always send ranged units with your melee units, especially in later missions. Some resources are very rare, and are primarily obtained from quests. There are items and characters to increase the odds of finding those resources.

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good game but I can't figure out how to save

Hyptosis responds:

The game autosaves every so many seconds

Game starts out with a big interface and a forced text tutorial.

Two huge no no's.

Hyptosis responds:


It would be a great game if there was a fleshed out save system. Like the ability to export a save. There is a lot to this game, and it's just no fun playing and worrying about losing all of your progress. It was great fun but, I cant replay a game like this without being able to secure my save. And if there is a in-game mechanic to do so, i couldn't find it. Still though it's a free flash game, the developer didn't have to give us anything. And for a free game there is a good amount of playable content.

Just found out about the games you made, such as this gem
and while it has some serious issues (iron constant -7, certain buildings like casino not working at all, very,very,very slow resource gathering, did not unlock even half of the building when i defeated the game) i really loved it and its concept

I really hope you would make a third one, its a really nice game and with certain tweaks and maybe some more visual stuff, you'll easily get in the top 10 of all time games

I loved the first one and love this one. Only a few things I don't like. You can't leave it running because as soon as an event pops resource gain stops, Foundry and smelter drain iron and stops production of tin and you have to keep buying them or hunting them down in quests to maintain it. And you can only get so many resources without having to sit there which I wouldn't mind except that I have to SIT there I can't leave it running

Hyptosis responds:

Looking back I think I wish I had changed it to allow idling more. See, more initial idea was that it be more of a frequent checkup game. You check on if a few times an hour, every ten minutes, a kind of deal like that. Something to play while reading blogs, etc. In the future, I will make my games like this fully idleable.

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Apr 20, 2013
1:47 PM EDT
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