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The Guardian

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Author Comments

The Guardians are said to be things of myth. But one girl finds they exist when she is abandoned in the Evergone Woods and she meets Argo the wolf who becomes her protecter. The woods are a dangerous place and now Argo must fight to save his friend from her kidnappers. This is a short story about my main characters from Forever Exiled when they were young. I hope to make the full story into a series soon.

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A great wolf video.

dragonofthewest responds:

Thanks a lot! Glad you enjoyed it.

Good effort! :) Just try to make the animation a little smoother. Maybe try finding voice actors too, the narration subtitles would've sounded awesome with someone reading them.
And it's great to see another good wolf-related thing on here!

dragonofthewest responds:

Trying to find voice actors for the next one. bad acting can ruin a movie. This was my first try at making a animation so Im still learning. Next one will be way better than this. Thanks for the review!

The story seems to be good, but maybe it could turn into something many have made already. Be wary of that and you should be fine. Except for that, you did quite good. I don't know if you have much experience in animating, but there are points you can definetely improve on.

One of them is your amount of frames per animation. Creating a somewhat more fluid movement for the characters would already be a good improvement, as well as properly aligning the movement speed of the wolf with it's background. Taking the time to create a better background as well as improving the character's positioning compared to them would make a great difference. Improving those little things can turn your animation into a true masterpiece.

Greetz, Tomster1000

dragonofthewest responds:

Yeah this story is just a piece I did for practice. The full story is later when they are older the girl becomes a bounty hunter. If I make a series I promise it will be a original story. This was my first try at making an animation so any tips is much appreciated :) Glad you enjoyed it and thanks.

wild life not bad ;)

Good intentions, but misplaced effort. Most of the story was in the author comments, I got none of that watching the film itself. Biggest suggestion I'd make is to pretend you have no author comments and that there will be no sequels if you want people to really grasp what's going on. Putting everything you want the audience to know INTO the film's key. If I were you I'd practice a little more gesture and motion than detail/shading, the animation could use some work. Keep it up though, always excited to see a series with an actual story here.

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4.44 / 5.00

Apr 14, 2013
1:30 PM EDT