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The Grey Rainbow

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Borne on the Winds 10 Points

Finish the first chapter

A small, almost insignificant thing 25 Points

Finish chapter 2

Bird of Fire 50 Points

Finish the third chapter

Green Tobacco 50 Points

(In chapter 4) Talk to the old man one more time, before you leave forever.

The Colour of Evil 50 Points

Find all evil things near the Wizard

Understanding 100 Points

Finish the game

Author Comments

This point-and-click adventure game is entirely hand-drawn with coloured pencils. There's lots of dialogue and it should be read at your own pace. It will take you between one and two hours to finish the game.

Fans of adventure games will like The Grey Rainbow a lot. It's an ode to magic, to an innocence we thought we'd lost and to a time when everything we did was filled with wonder. Open yourself and relax into this fairy-tale and realize that, what you thought was once lost, is but misplaced.

Of course, non-adventure game fans (if there are such ;) will most probably enjoy it too, so they should give it a try.

Start the game with no expectations. Relax, take it slow. Read all the dialogue. Solve the puzzles at your own pace. There's even a hint button within the game itself to help you if you're stuck.

And most of all - enjoy yourself!

edit: We're daily feature No. 1! That's so awesome.

edit no. 2: After playing the game, you might want to check out the short story. Link:

EDIT 3: The soundtrack, in one zip file and glorious 320kbps quality:

EDIT 4: Medals are integrated and working. Now with popups! Enjoy!
HINT: The final medal (Understanding) is awarded after the end of the game, once you are returned to the menu.

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Great game on a very unique style. But 3 medals didn't unlock for me. I got the pop ups but they didn't actually unlock. Bird of Fire, Green Tobacco, and Understanding didn't unlock.

What a beautiful perspective. Amazing game, I don't have much to say. Most games don't do that to me.

A very long and interesting story, that is very deep and profound. It is easily one of the best visual novels I've come across.

In fact, it will probably remain one of the best visual novels period.

And there is plenty of humor, and a number of pop-culture references too...which makes (and made) this story even better.

This is just amazing. Someone suggested this game to me, and it soared above my expectations.
This game is so simple, and had such a huge affect on me. The art style gave the game an almost childlike feel, which I tend to really enjoy in games, and the message is great. It's so easy to forget that change really has to start with yourself, and this game is a nice little reminder. And the thing about color vs. gray is a really great metaphor.
Overall, great job on this!

BlackOlive responds:

Thank you. It means a lot!

This game was truly beautiful. It had magic in it to its core that you could feel it not many games can archive that.

What I liked so much is that is a full game. You could easily make 3 games with this but you decided to make it all in a full complete game.
I even read the story on the website and downloaded the music that is how much I loved this story.

I played this because I liked tainted olive game but this game is on a whole different level.
This is x10 better than tainted olive. I thought It was not going to be as good but this game went way beyond my expectations.

Probably one of the best flash point and click games I have ever played. What it lacked in graphics it gave it with the story made what dreams are made of!.
But the art style ended up making even more special and magical.

I loved so much how creative you were by using colors to change items.
That right was pure genius, that was just so innovating.
Who was that idea from in the team?

Vlatko I hope to see another game with another beautiful and meaning story like this.
Even if it not made into a game an just a story I could read.

The music fit the game so perfectly my favorite was the desert one summer day.
To bad Omicron one didn't reach the game! I hope to see it in a future game.

BlackOlive responds:

Thank you.

We like o make full games, that is why tgr is such a long one. TO started as a project that slowly grew,the reason it us episodic. Expect future chapters to be at least as long as TGR, as the story progresaes.
Also, TGR is a one off, and we don't think anyting we do will be as similarly dreamy as that :-)