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Zombie's Castle

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Author Comments

Kill as many zombies as you can, try the keys to open locked doors and find the exit! Remember to reload your gun with shippers that you will find around, otherwise you will find yourself without of ammo at the mercy of the zombies!

Use WASD (or cursor keys) to move, mouse to change view / aim / fire. P for pause.

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at first i thought you had a shotgun but it's really an AK-47

not to bad,and a bit addicting but this game doesn't have a good fps engine,i believe if you use the engine for this game right you'll make the newgrounds game

its the same as zombie ladybrinth but faster load

I kinda agree alot with Barfurah but i do love the concept of this game but it needs better graphics/alot of work

I'll admit, I like the atmosphere the title screen gives. Reminds me of some obscure FPS game from like, the early 1990s.

Unfortunately, that's where the good things end.

Graphics at first glance seem like they'll be great. Nice looking cel-shaded...rifle? SMG? I can't tell. However, then you realize that there's RARELY any different textures. Everything looks the same.

This is actually a huge problem, in addition to making it a bit of an eyesore. All the walls look the same, so it's extremely easy to get lost. In addition, the fog drawing distance is miserable, at best. You could be looking for a specific structure, and you'll have to spend minutes on the small map in order to find it.

Sound, there isn't much. The title screen...music? Can I call it that? It is just a weird hum. Other than that, some sound effects when you pick up items, when you take damage, and especially when you die (I don't think anyone makes that scream, under any kind of circumstance). Little to distract you from the repetitive tat-tat-tat of your weird assault rifle/shotgun/SMG hybrid.

Control, wow. This is another huge problem. So, unlike in almost any other FPS, you use the cursor to point to where you want to aim, as opposed to aiming straight ahead. This makes fending off zombies in front of you easier...if you didn't turn if you aimed your mouse even a little bit to the left or right.

Moving and shooting is a nightmare. You'll be unable to move in a straight line, you'll be stumbling around as if you're drunk. In narrow corridors, this means taking damage, since you won't be able to turn to your attacker in decent time.

I feel this would of been done better if you had a button dedicated to "Aim Mode", ala Resident Evil: Just make it that holding the Right Mouse button lets you aim where you want, and letting go puts you out of it. Otherwise, you can fire straight ahead.

Other than that, the gameplay is pretty dull. I mentioned previously that there are instances where you have no way to avoid damage, thanks to the wacky controls. Well, this isn't actually that big of an issue: The zombies take off between 1 and 3 HP per hit. Granted, if you keep running into them, they'll deal damage at a high rate of speed, but all you have to do is backpedal once, and they're too slow to chase you.

You can explore indoors and find treasure for points and ammo for your gun (Sometimes the game doesn't give you ammo when you pick it up, but whatever), and you'll find keys to open up other areas, but there seems to be little point: Ammo respawns outside, and you aren't in a position where you are forced to fight the zombies in close range. Not to mention, you move at about twice their speed.

I mention this a lot in these kinds of games, but power ups and new weapon types can make the game more interesting. As such, the weird gun is the only weapon I was able to find, and, in open spaces, as long as I could find ammo, I theorize I could play the game for an infinite amount of time. Not that anyone would want to.

Anyway, it's not horrible, but it certainly is below average. I did have a bit of a blast from the past, I suppose, but this certainly could of been improved. Better luck on your next project.

Credits & Info

3.60 / 5.00

Feb 17, 2013
6:11 PM EST