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Star Glaive

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The aliens are coming, and our traditional weapon systems are useless against their advanced technology. Humanity's last hope is to unveil the STAR GLAIVE, a prototype combat ship that can absorb and turn back the alien attacks.

Battle more than 30 boss ships by turning their own weapons against them. If that's not enough action, use the built-in boss editor to create challenges we couldn't dream of, then share them with friends or strangers and cackle in delight as they try to face your genius.

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this is the best game=D

great game, it uses patterns i've never seen not even in bullet hells, has great sound design and visuals and the mechanics work great with the concept and the boss maker is a nice touch.

my only complaint it when you absorb bullets the shield flashes white which makes it difficult to see leading to a couple frustrating deaths.

I like this game, absorbing an enemy's weapons, while frustrating at times, is a cool idea. it was annoying when you're almost full on one bullet type and you accidentally absorb another type, which overwrites your current on and you have to absorb more. The boss editor was cool, but could have been better. I still made a decent boss if anyone wants to try it(put the code in raw in the editor)
The Mach Meteor:4918b5243440c0d1071131101
overall, the game is fun, with few issues
4.5 out of 5

there needs to be more typs of wepons like fire and and muiltiplayer that's esey like a list also need to be typs of space ships not just the defalt one but ones you unlock

A few suggestions: Try making it so we can set the time limit AND Health to a Typeable ammount (Up to about 30k or 50k MAX for health and up to 3,000 Time). Let US choose what weapons the enemy gets as well(Meaning let us add on where the weapons go and what type and how mnay WE want(Up to 20 each)). Atleast then it's worthwhile.