Beef Bash 2013

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Get a REAL JOB and run your own Meat Castle !

Gut cattle of all kinds and make loads of money. Buy rugs ! Buy a tv ! Cook a fuckin' DRAGON ! ** GO NUTS **

I made this waaay back in the day, but due to the sponsor's ad site going kaput it hasn't functioned in over a year. Plus my friend reminded me of it blazing topicality in the light of all the horse meat us British are currently enjoying. ALSO I've redrawn some of the more crappy graphic elements to make republishing it here more valid :D

Other notes - looking back at the source code it was heavily re-formatted by the lovely Ronny B***y - it actually looks like proper code now. Thanks Ronny !

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Thank you so much for bringing this game back! I've looked for it for so many years. The only reason I could remember the game's name was that I had "Beef Bash" favorited from when it first came out, but the game didn't work because I believed the host had shutdown. Your description (which is also very much appreciated) confirmed that. I was extremely happy when I saw that it was re-uploaded and improved. Even showed my younger brother an example of the good old days of flash games and time management games. Thank you again!

I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS FUCKING GAME FOR SO MANY FUCKING YEARS. I remember playing it on gimme5games.com and just a few years back I remembered it for some reason after coming back to that site. So then began my long-ass search for the damn game. It took so fucking long. I'm not losing this damn game again, I'm fucking bookmarking it, I'm not going on another fucking search for it.

So as a small recap. This game was my fucking childhood and I fucking love it. :)

A little too hard and was annoying trying to put the meat on the chopping block only for it to bounce back to the drainer because I didn't put it in the EXACT spot

The game gets too hard too fast the level 3 is really up to more of level 5 speed, decent game though

The skill level ramp up from level 2 to level 3 is a little ridiculous. I think the amount you lose for each animal growing "impatient" or whatever is a bit too high, and there needs to be a larger variety of upgrades. Overall I did enjoy it, and I liked the different take on the traditional "diner dash" theme.

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3.28 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2013
6:22 PM EST
Simulation - Job