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Notebook Defense

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Tired of classic td games? In this game, the enemies will try to reach their goal through your maze of towers! You will need a lot of strategyto make the hardest path with the best and strongest towers!

The game also haves a map editor and players can share maps easily!

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Nice game!

Nice idea, but it doesn't seem to rip my bum off.

This is severely undeveloped.
-terrible balance
-really poor gui and mechanics (can't even upgrade properly)
-no incentive other than boredom to start next wave.
-upgrades don't feel substantial
-art bland and generic
-what is the point of the graph paper theme if it is not even implemented into the art or design?

There's a ton of things that I didn't even mention. I don't understand how a game could be published if it's this unplayable. I'd understand if this were a first project from a person learning actionscript and flash.. but there is lots of work to be done.

The only commendable feature was the artistic attempt as the hand-drawn effect was appealing in the textures.

Like Kooshaza mentions - the interface is glitchy as hell. The "next wave" button disapears, the "show/hide" buildable area button disappears and interferes with the upgrade button. There is no way to deselect a tower other than pressing "start" or "resume" if the game has already started. This means you can't upgrade towers while building at the beginning or inbetween waves if you built a tower. It just takes away too much from the actual gaming experience which otherwise is pretty decent. If not for these issues this would be a solid 3 at least, but I am not inclined to play it as is.

This is just like many other TD games. It is not very original at all, the towers are basic and not unique to this game. The UI is glitchy. When I tried to upgrade my towers it wouldn't work and instead toggle "show walkable". The fact that starting to build a new tower pauses the game makes my head want to explode. It is so irritating and really slows down the game and makes me want to stop playing the game right then and there. In fact, if this wasn't Under Judgment I would have closed it right there.

There are positives. I absolutely love the artwork. The menu has awesome visals and all the buttons and maps are very "cute". The whole notebook theme is really quite cool, I think that you should embrace it more by being creative with towers and enemies (pencils, erasers, paint). I also really like mazing, it is a great part of any TD game that you can do it in for me. Another thing you could improve on is skill trees or upgrades for the towers, I think that is a great fit for any game!