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Goat 666

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Author Comments

Aye, you're an evil goat riding a flying broom.
Use the black magic to escape the anti-satanism police and kill people, because killing people is fun !

This game was realized in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare #25.
Features 2 free tracks from newground users Bad-Man-Incorporated (http://bad-man-incorpora ted.newgrounds.com/) and Tremulos (http://tremulos.newgroun ds.com/).

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this game is not holy you bastards i hate 666! SO I HATE THIS GAME and why would i want to stab my COMPUTER NOW THT SOUNDS LIKE YOU ARE POSSESED NO WAY IN HELL I WOULD DO THAT make a better gam because this one was surely cheap. AND donnot get mad because i spilled my thoughts because this comment is my thoughts.

Got bored very fast with this one.
I loved the artwork in the beginning but when i saw the game itself I got very disappointed..
And I agree with the other comments,the controls are VERY annoying,as a gamer that is used to WASD I just get annoyed so much at this..

I enjoyed this game but the controls are very awkward. WASD would be nice for future games. but other then that it was a decent game except for the lack of in game hints. took me a while to figure out that i needed to use the people to kill everything...

Hardcore goat is hardcore.

its a lol game... its fun for awhile but it gets a bit boring fast. its just i like the concept of the game and wished it was longer with a storyline and so on :S yes and like always said before, the controls are not the best.

after i finished, the game said that the helicopter kills people when it crashes... i didnt know that!!
could you leave some hints maybe?