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Reviews for "Goat 666"

Fuck this piece of shit. Who in their right mind makes satan game for Christmas. A fucking loser did

its a decent game but the controls are kinda awkward, shoulda used WASD or something

It's weird and short... this should be a lot more entertaining, but still is acceptable and entertaining too.

I actually liked the idea behind it, but there are too many issues with this.

1. Where are the instructions? I had no idea how to fire and just started frantically hitting keys. Hitting 'tab' to select and then 'space' wasn't intuitive enough for there not to be instructions. It would be nice to have some other way to attack than that too, or at least a change in animation.

2. The weird yellow square to highlight targets was distracting. Sometimes I couldn't tell who was being highlighted if people were grouped. The death animation was exactly the same, so I didn't really feel any satisfaction when I killed a target. Also, there were a few times where I would kill someone and no matter what I did, the body would stay on screen. I could select others and they would disappear, but my kill count stayed the same.

3. There is an area that you can select on the ground (sometimes it's hovering though) that will reset the level and teleport you to the beginning. This seems like a serious bug that needs to be fixed, since it resets kills and damage to you.

4. the foreground that whips by seems to go too fast. Not only can I easily tell when it repeats, but the speed is distracting from the gameplay and I feel it could easily give a headache to some people.

With some added variety and bug fixes, I think this could be fun for the right crowd.

PolLapin responds:

Whale whale whale... ._.
Instructions are displayed right at the beginning of the game, the 'tab' key isn't meant to be used (in fact I didn't even bind it to anything in the game, it's just something flash includes by default), you are supposed to play using the mouse and the arrow keys. If you reload the webpage, you can access the intro screen and the instructions again. Just don't skip them by pressing the spacebar.

I like the concept...It rocks...but there needs to be some more realism in the way the missiles fly...and the cops need to move more like the rest of the people...Once these items are fixed...I would give it a higher rating.