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Strip away every layer of the game, not mindlessly, but by logical thinking.

In the end, the first person to solve every level, will win something possibly amazing...


Friends, since Flash is dead in the browser, this game is now a part of ‘The Bart Bonte collection’!

A collection of 28 of my Flash games carefully packaged and remastered for you, all accessible from a menu loaded with achievements, playable on the big screen of your pc!

Available NOW on Steam or Itchio:



Thanks for your support,


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I'm not someone who can play the same game for a long time in one sitting, even though I had "Just Keep Going On" playing in the background, so I quit on level 15. Nevertheless, even from what little I saw, this is a very inventive and creative minimalist game, and I bet the people who enjoy this type of marathon gaming challenge absolutely love it.

My opinion is somewhat bias as I am colorblind. I really do enjoy the algorithm based gameplay, but I just simply can't see the boxes on most of the screens so that stripped the fun for me after a while. I'm not downing this at all based on that fact, that would be completely unfair, that's just a personal gripe. Neat puzzle concept though, executed clean and simple the way a puzzle should feel.

I don't get the concept, its just randomly clicking blocks I got to level 6 and I'm like, "What am I doing?" I don't get the point to this. I wish I did because many say it is fun but I don't see how.

Wow! Just... Wow! Things got REALLY hard once I got to level... 20 I think... And now I'm on level 39, which I think is the FINAL level! It took a LOT of thinking to get there! Anyway... 5/5 FULL STARS!!!

some of the levels are just click to change which is a bit obvious but some of the other levels were challenging. I really liked the 'binary' style level