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Reviews for "Furiosity"

Amazing stuff. I gave up at lvl 22 when I realized it would take logical thinking. All the same, it was impressive puzzles. I wouldn't mind, however, if there was some slow thoughtful music in the bg.

It made me curious.... but I'm not that good with these kind of games so I quit at level 6 (yeah, I know I suck really hard). Why can't I buy a $50000 DLC just to finish it... WHY? What a cruel world :'(

Stuck on Level 26.... can't get a single tile/square to turn color so I can't figure out the pattern :(

Oh well, fun while it lasted. My brain feels smarter. LOL...

that awkward moment when you have been trying so long to figure out the puzzle you forget what color its supposed to be...
loved it lots of fun at one point i think i just got mad and pressed aimlessly on the screen... totally worked for a few levels but you've also really gotta think through it all

I need a little help here... its a good game but i cant beat level 5, I clicked the help button but it doesn't give me much info. But its good and tricky makes you really think. ;) Thx for reading.