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Haunting Pumpkins

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A unique style physics game where you play as a ghost and have to possess pumpkins, avoid bats, trigger objects and use the environment to solve different puzzles.

Click on pumpkins to possess them, you can then move them around the environment by using the arrow keys. The objective of the game is to get all of the little pumpkins to the massive pumpkin. There are dynamic worlds, dynamic objects, enemy bats and reverse gravity triggers to help you achieve victory.


Mouse Click - Possess that pumpkin

Arrows/wasd - Move the current possessed pumpkin.

Space - Leave the current possessed pumpkin.

R - Retry

M - Toggle sound

P - Toggle Pause

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Really interesting and different game play. My main gripe is that when possessing a pumpkin, the controls feel very sluggish. It feels like it takes a long time to get them to move, and it's a pain to slow them down unless you hop out via Space bar at the right moment. Othe rthan that, it's a really innovative game.

I love this game! Halloween is my favorite holiday . This very well detailed work has it all. Pumpkins are the awesomest. Highly rcommend this game to anyone.

The artwork is really good and visually appealing, and I really enjoyed the Halloween theme. The music is pretty decent. Now, as far as the puzzles go, they were relatively on the easy to medium side. Nothing overly difficult yet still required quite a bit of thought. The instructions made understanding the game easy, so well done there. Personally I would prefer something a little more difficult but overall the game was quite entertaining.

its fun and i like it

It is frustrating. How do the physics just stop working when the ghost leaves the pumpkin?! . The ghost is far to slow. The graphics are okay, as is the music. Only problems were the physics and the damn slow ghost.

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4.46 / 5.00

Nov 18, 2012
8:44 AM EST