Reviews for "Haunting Pumpkins"

its fun and i like it

I love this game! Halloween is my favorite holiday . This very well detailed work has it all. Pumpkins are the awesomest. Highly rcommend this game to anyone.

very cool game, i like how you play on the physics needs more levels. had a ton of fun.

The artwork is really good and visually appealing, and I really enjoyed the Halloween theme. The music is pretty decent. Now, as far as the puzzles go, they were relatively on the easy to medium side. Nothing overly difficult yet still required quite a bit of thought. The instructions made understanding the game easy, so well done there. Personally I would prefer something a little more difficult but overall the game was quite entertaining.

One of the better games in the Under Judgement section. The graphics and gameplay style are good, but it needs to be more lifelike and more active. Good in quality but not in animation.
Also, the music is like being stuck in an elevator.
The simple gameplay style leaves it open for a Level Editor, so be sure to make one later on.