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Locked Room

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What else is there to do? Escape the locked room!

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I was going to rate this at least a 4 but then you had to combine objects.
Firstly, there's no hint that's a game mechanic.
Second, it shouldn't have to be done in a specific order. I should be able to attach the rope to the magnet, the rope to the club etc.
Thirdly, don't make the hitstates a pixel wide (specifically the club handle).
Apart from that, it was an okay albeit brief game.
It was weird the light switch was huge and you couldn't see the roman numerals with the light on...

I loved this because it was easy enough for me to pass lol.

Good job, Short and to the point. Am still hoping for a toon "Asylm" (as in length) game. So very short.
Good clues and puzzles. 234 (hint: 3 things must be combined and in the correct order)
Your Game Stalker

Pretty good game loved the concept

Got stuck, so at this point I'm just trying to use the rope as a noose.