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A mad scientist has put you, the rainbow virus, into a cage in outer space to test your adaptability. Survive as long as you can by outleveling your enemies to you can to show him that you're the master of evolution.

Created for the LD #24 Jam in 72 hours. Theme was "Evolution".

Arrow keys to move.
Escape to escape to menu.
0 to mute, + / - to adjust volume

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My game crashed at a score of 666... Is just can't believe that's a coincedence xD
Other than that, the game was really hard unless you're hiding in a corner..
I really like the idea of the game being endless.

Overall, great game! :)

pretty entertaining for a while. completely possible after a bit of practice to just entrench yourself in a corner after collecting enough dna. since you'll continue to collect dna in increasing amounts, eventually your protecting wall will just never disappear.

there are a couple collision problems w the edge of the game area. multiple times i saw a new enemy spawn on top of my defensive wall, and just slide off the screen. also, once i got up to over 200.0m years, i got bored and just took my hand off the keyboard. as soon as 1 enemy hit me my wall disappeared, enemies swarmed in, but instead of being destroyed, I was forced off the edge of the game area. poor lil guy ended up lost to the void beyond the game lol.

I very like music and overall concept, but game quickly becomes boring and experiences massive FPS drop.

What am I doing.

Well, I never thought I'd go and find one of these submissions so highly ranked. I have to admit that the thing looks freaking gorgeous. What I didn't understand was how to play it. I'm fairly certain you're not supposed to hit the other blocks. I think hitting the sides gives you a higher score. It's interesting to have something so different.

I doubt this is exactly how evolution works, but it wasn't trying to be realistic. It did succeed at being trippy, if that was your intention. The music matched the theme quite well. It's not one of my favorites for LD 24, but it's still good. It's quite detailed for being made in a short time.

Credits & Info

3.60 / 5.00

Sep 5, 2012
2:39 PM EDT