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Reviews for "viviDNA"

i passed 99.76 M years is that good

Gama11 responds:


I saw how I could do it well, but it seemed quite random if I got destroyed or the one I crashed into got destroyed... And there's no explaining how that collision work. It feels very luck based...

Gama11 responds:

Not random at all :( - if you run out of DNA, you're dead, and each time you hit an enemy, you lose DNA based on the rival level. Also, enemies are always killed when hitting them.

gotta admit, it was pretty good :3

Very original and fun. At first I didn't understand how to control properly the virus then I bought a better brain and all was fine. Good choice of music, by the way.

So am i destroying my rivals or just dodging them until there are to many and i die?

Gama11 responds:

Well... There are two ways to play this game. Either you play aggressive and attack your enemies (but watch out, the damage they do increases with the rival level), or you dodge them and use your trail as effectively as possible to shield yourself. You have to decide yourself which one you like better. :)