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AP Playlist Maker

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Author Comments

This started off as a plea to make Jiggmin incorporate the full Audio Portal into Platform Racing 2 but turned into its own project along the way!

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altho its nowhere near as complex as pico's radio,it has what the other one lacks: the ability to choose any song,and a playlist

Kwing responds:


You know, Im having some confusion here and I would suggest rather a easier way to do this.
Here it is:

Suggestion 1: Instead of an ID number of a song, I would want the NAME, and the AUTHOR.
Example: Gogeta Theme Remake / DBZ 12
DBZ 12 = Author
Gogeta Theme Remake = Song

Suggestion 2: I dont really think the "Inspect Song" Should be there. Also I'd rather remove the large box under the buttons and the NAME/AUTHOR box.

Suggestion 3: Instead of: "Clear Playlist", put the tutorial there where people can see it CLEARLY. Not by the bottom-right, bottom-left, top-left, or top-right. It should go IN the box with buttons.

Question 1: Why do you put the "Clear Playlist" as a button if you already have "Delete Playlist" in there? "Delete" and "Clear" is almost the same thing... How come?

I am very sorry, but I have no choice to rate 3.5 with this. I hope you can reply to this Kwing. I'd otherwise very much appreciate your hard work. Im not trying to make it seem like you did this for nothing... its ok... Just Improve it!

- xAlphalegendx

Kwing responds:

I can't code a program that will allow people to search by name or artist, but I think there is an option to show the name of the song you've already loaded. Still, there's no way to access songs from the AP without using the ID number.

The Inspect Song button is meant to be there in case you put in a random number that's a dead link. Otherwise you could end up adding a song that doesn't exist, and when you autooplayed the playlist it would freeze up when it got there.

The tutorial button was put in the corner because it's already handed to you automatically when you start the application.

As for the Clear Playlist and Delete Playlist, Clear Playlist will clear the playlist on your screen, while Delete Playlist will delete a playlist you have saved on your computer with cookies.

this game is awesome. The Playlist feature is amazing. keep up the awesome work

Kwing responds:

Thanks! :D

I don't know that much about how to work with audio submissions. Then again, that might just be because my only audio submission was universally hated. I was very glad that there were a ton of songs that were already available on the game. My only complaint is that the details in the game itself were not that good. I know that doesn't mean much in a music thing like this, but it just struck me as off.

I have certainly reviewed a lot of songs. I'm not going to say this has the most music pieces for an NG submission. I've reviewed so many there was probably one that used more, like the Punk-O-Matic games. It's kind of complicated, but any music fan should like this. I am a music fan of course.

Kwing responds:

The metal playlist was only an example. Obviously you can add whichever tracks you like.

Your play list is good, but the problem is its a bit confusing and you should post a video on YouTube of the tutorial but be specific about it when you make it. I did some songs and It was great but when I play it its confusing. Keep it coming soldier!! :)
.:End Transmission:.

Kwing responds:

I'm not sure how I'm being unclear. Just put in the song ID to add it to the list, and browse your list with the orange buttons...

Credits & Info

4.22 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2012
11:37 PM EDT