YuYu Metal

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If you haven't watched The YuYu, then wtf, go here:

First, there was the YuYu Flash animation with the awesome music. Then came pheel's YuYu 8-Bit covers and one that's rock. And after hearing all of these versions, I felt that another version had to be added...if you've never heard Folk Metal, now's a good time to start =)

Thanks goes to Adam Phillips, Peter "Spider" Stacey from The Pogues, James Walbourne & pheel.


You can find more information about this song, as well as alternate download links here:

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Hell yeah ^-^
I can't tell anything...:P <3

Fuk'n'luv it mate!

For those who keep saying it needs a faster start, you obviously haven't heard the original! It is SUPPOSED to have a slow start

anyways, I think this was epically awesome!!

rtnario responds:

Just payin' my respects to the legendary original. Thanks!

Cool track

Notbad at all on this one, had a sorta "FINAL-FANTASY" feel, and i love how you had one part at a tempo then really change it up in another change up is awsome and the faster tempo was pretty good if you ask me, the "QUALITY" could have been better, more clearer sounds, maybe it was a mic issue but other then that this was pretty impressive very fast paced just like i like, anyways nice work keep it up.

You had a change up from fast to faster i think you should add more of that, or even a few parts that build up aswell.

rtnario responds:

I hear the quality (after all, it's been five years) XD Thanks for the review!