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This is what happens when certain resources are so readily available for any douche to use.

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9 years later you're still right on the money

I may have lost my touch for lengthy reviews, however, this speaks volumes even to this day.

I was pretty amazed by this. It's probably because I use Wikipedia so much. I have heard it is in fact as reliable as any modern encyclopedia, not that we ever use those anyway. I wasn't expecting that other joke at the end. If only this didn't have people crapping out their mouths. That seems to happen a lot for some reason.

It's bad enough vomit comes out, but crap?! I guess that's just how we go nowadays. The animation was really good. Don't worry, I won't give you any money. Of course, I guess I'm giving you SOME attention by writing this review and watching it.

hahahahah great job

haha i wonder how everyone else reacted to him puke-$#!ting XD