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Reviews for "Wikishits"

Lol, I had to deal with a few of these last night on Yahoo, and it got amusing when i altered the very page they were reading, and they basically repeated the complete nonsense i posted on wikipedia. Granted, i fixed it after the fact, but it was hilarious nonetheless xD
Very accurate (if a bit...detailed) description :P

AHAHAH Just what I like! I loved that you didin't tlk English, So everyone would get it. It was Nic,A bit Vomitising, but it's ok :)

Great flash! The animation was very tasteful and smooth and your humor was as well.

For the comments critiquing wikipedia: I think you are absolutely wrong. It is a very credible source, almost the most credible source. It can grow and change and it is policed daily by a larger staff than any formal encyclopedia could ever hope to have. The fact that it is "publicly altered" means nothing. Would prefer that it's "officially altered"? Who are these officials and why do you trust them exclusively? Wikipedia is one of the most amazing things the advent of the internet has given us. It's credibility is hardly in question. If I go on to the Newgrounds wikipedia page, and type "it was started by a group of horny baboons", It will be changed very quickly. While "just anyone" can change it, "just anyone" can correct it too. It is actually quite effective and makes one of the most comprehensive knowledge sources possible. Wikipedia is a modern marvel!

moral of the story: don't act like a know-it-all when you JUSt looked up the answer.

PS: Wikipedia is public'y altered, so you may or maynot be correct. Wikipedia should be used as a jumpstarter, and then find other resources that backup the findings.

Animation was very smooth & kept the silliness of mouthpooping intact (like the elongated cheeks of the artist&kickstarter at the end (I'm assuming that was "you").

This couldn't be more true haha.
and after avgn started a kickstart and it did well ( it raised about 325.000 dollars out of the 70.000 goal)
Everybody takes a shot and most of them fail or the ideas are already funded but they just want to jack in some more cash.