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Reviews for "Wikishits"

True..so damn true!I aplaud your imagination. And remember folks:use information sources wisely.

Haha, well, at least he didn't forget his punctuation. Half the people I know do this and it's terribly sad that half the people commenting here had no idea what the video is about. 5 stars for you sir.

Couldn't find a replay button. sad face.
Yes, this is true. too true.

Short, sweet, and most humurous flash I've seen in awhile, especially for one with no dialogue.

(I'm also absolutely shocked that there are people, never mind a fairly large number of them, that don't quite get it)

Also, you were right. About 7 people came to mind.

the fact that most people dont get this means that most people are guilty of this. ahh... I love it