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Invading the Building 10 Points

You can jump to any location!

Lacking Vision 10 Points

You got the best guns.

We're Going Through the Front 10 Points

Bullets are bee stings to the rhino's hide.

Lowrider 50 Points

You got a new set of... hover... pads.... rockets... >_>

Author Comments

WASD or Arrows for movement.
Z or Keypad 1 for your gun. (Check numlock)
Thanks Newgrounds!

The reason the mods do not cost money to unlock, is that they have different weaknesses and strengths. Some of the mods can't hit short enemies and some have a bigger bullet but are slower to fire, etc. They're mods for your basic gun. Not new guns.

There is no penalty for death in this game. You don't lose money, you just have to retry the map, possibly change your weapon mod. Different mods work better for different levels.


nice game but have lag

I'm a little torn about the notion of choosing one specific weapon before a mission. Obviously there are reasons to want more than one option throughout a level, but I do kinda like the "choose wisely" aspect, even though you don't know what you're getting into beforehand (which is why I'm glad there's no limited lives). Like the difference between "Select Your Turtle" compared to something like Metroid or even Gunstar Heroes.
I'm a sucker for ricochet weapons, but this one felt like it was only useful when you were forced to jump down into contact damage with an enemy, and even then, only like 1 bullet in 20 would hit any enemies on the rebound. I would've liked it more if there was a specific series of angles so that you could make informed shots. Like maybe if the initial shot didn't go straight out, but went up or down (or both!) at 30-45 degrees. The upside would be better "trick shots" from safe (cowardly?) positions, but the downside is that when an enemy is coming straight at you, you HAVE to do an angled shot from a pretty specific distance/location.
Maybe the first couple "artifacts" could've been the weapon mods. Like, get the Big Shot at the end of stage 1, then applying the Big Shot automatically as you enter stage 2, in which you collect the Piercing Shot, etc.. until you have all four. Honestly, it wouldn't even have to be split up into four levels, but it works nicely with the "collect treasure objective, exit level" principle. It could all be one introductory level with four locked doors (I was about to suggest special mod-related switches to open these doors, but that's dangerous territory because it adds another game mechanic and would almost require the ability to change mods mid-level). Arranging the first few sections in linear order, automatically switching to the newest mod before starting the next level, and tailoring those first few levels specifically to showcase each weapon's strengths and weaknesses, basically forcing the player to try each at least once. I used the piercing shot once, screamed about "WHY ISN'T THERE A CROUCH BUTTON" but then remembered that it was an intentional limitation with the weapon, and changed back and moved along.
Money comes in a little slowly. I haven't replayed any levels I've previously beaten, so I dunno if there's really any newly-accessible areas, although I assume there's a few jump-accessible areas. At any rate, money doesn't accumulate fast enough to enjoy the upgrades. I'm sure it's possible to just grind already-beaten levels until you get enough money, but cheaper upgrades with smaller improvements still keep the player engaged with a feeling of accomplishment.
The pop-up orbs that come out of the floor in sk1 are kind of obnoxious. They seem very random and at first I thought it was a bug, because at the time I was also experiencing the "bullet permanently suspended in air" bug. It should either be easier to tell where they're going to pop up, or they should take longer after appearing before they shoot.
I had fun playing it, but once i got to the "sk" levels it turned into kind of a chore. I'd love to see you take on this type of game again, with more levels, a more fleshed-out weapons system (maybe the ability to upgrade each mod individually, even though they're free to switch), and a little more polish in the art

a good game but i can give you onlu 3.5 stars its not bad but can get some bit improvements, its a great game i enjoyed but here my reasons.

1) there something i didnt saw from Nes era games and thats the "blindly fall on this gap and see if you have luck" i mean sometimes i wasnt sure if were im going to land its a safe spot or i will land on an enemy and that its really something frustrating because i can go there all ready for action but if dont know where going to land then i cant do a lot to save myself think about it at least you can make the player safe land and then ITS A TRAP! but the player will be ready and if he isnt very good player then he will die. but please not "blind falls".

2) when i read upgrades i was hoping about if i die the shop will bring up ok not every game have that, but at least you can have the shop from the main menu i wasnt sure if there was a shop upgrade until i go to the second solar system. then i foound some upgrades that make easier my way on some planets. specially the pierce shot.

3) i noticed that you can get a lot of damage because the invisibility frame its too short, i can understand the upgrade about take many hits but would be different if: i dont have upgrades i take like 3 hearts away from powerful enemies but at least i have invisibility frames (they cant be too long but sometime fair i mean) so, when the "take more hits" upgrade its bought my life still go away easily because the "Invisibility frame its too short.

Besides those reason this game really its prety nice i hope to see more games from you. keep the good work!

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This is a fun game. Nothing wrong here.

nice little game m8

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3.10 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2012
9:46 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun