Reviews for "GLave"

Why is movement done wish wasd, the mouse for aiming and z to shoot. I don't have three arms.

Hyptosis responds:

The mouse is not used for aiming in any way at all.

i dont know why but most of the stencyl games i play(i take it this is one of them) are lagging for me when playing online :/ seems like a good concept tho, a few changes to make it better should be good, good luck with creating games in the future!

This looks like a game engine instead of a complete game. It has potential, but needs a lot more to be enjoyable
+ Graphics, sound and music are ok, but nothing special.
o Gameplay is very basic, needs something to spice it up.
- A storyline or even some sense of progress or a goal would make it a lot better.
- Enemies need some intelligence, even if basic. Melee enemies should be able to jump, now they just charge at you and if there is a gap between you they will fall down. Range enemies just stand there.

In the author comments there are two points mentioned. Apparently you are aware of it, why not do something about it?
- So the different mods for the same gun have weaknesses. That doesn't mean they cannot cost money. They obviously have value. Upgrading your character is one of the things that make a game interesting.
- No penalty for dying. So there is hardly a challenge, just run through and try again if it doesn't work. Too easy is not good.

meh, ive played better games...

Cool music, boring game, needs more upgrades and it is laggy as hell.