Reviews for "GLave"

boring waste of time. I have no idea how this got on the front page, but the upgrades are boring, the levels are boring, the difficulty is pretty high (fuck traps!) and the game doesn't look good. It doesn't flow, there is no real story to speak of. It's just a series of "planets" that are the size of a large room and a big old lackluster game in general.

I played through the whole game for that shitty ending?!

This game is not good at all. It's an extremely boring grindfest where all you do is collect money to survive the attacks from the enemies in the later levels who will one-shot you if you don't have the right armor. There are no bosses, the game is very slow-paced and the enemies are hard to hit. And there is no point in using anything other than the bounce mod as it has the fastest rate of fire. The "advantages and disadvantages" from the other mods are completely negligible since all the bullets do the exact same amount of damage, meaning that the only thing that's really different about them is the rate of fire.

I spent an hour playing this game to see a terrible two-screen ending that took me right back to the title screen afterwards. Don't waste your time on this game, folks. The only thing that's even remotely interesting from this snorefest is the music, and it's really not that great. Definitely NOT worth playing through the game to hear. Just give this one a pass, you'll thank me later.

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Did you even test this? Dude, I'm running this on Chrome and it lags to high hell on the 4ht zone Etir. Specifically Gosling. My PC can run Crysis on ultra high so it's not on my end. Why not have a quality button to lower the quality? That's inexcusable. I'm not going to replay the game on IE or Firefox because you didn't Q/A the game. Too bad because it was pretty decent, weapon selection was pretty worthless aside from those spikes on the ground.

Eh, the last two world characters were interesting. Needs more upgrades and more money.