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War Footage

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Author Comments

Hi guys!
Wow! It's been a really long time since I submitted anything on Newgrounds.
I am really glad to be back and I hope to submit more stuff in the future.
This was something I wanted to do for a long time. To draw the art in photoshop and then animate it in flash. And I'm really happy I made it work!
The movie it self is pretty silly and short. But I hope you guys like it and hopefully you get inspired in some way!


Thanks for all the reviews and votes! I'm really glad you guys like the movie! I will try to answer all your questions if you have any.
I would also like to add that real war is horrible and I dont mean to make fun of it with this movie.

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I watched that program, really nice work KillahKai!

This is just constructive critisism, but the men need more sounds to them. Maybe this was intended, maybe not, but the men need to react to war as what any soldier would. Not just like Call Of Duty to where the characters are always strict, hardly say anything, and are intended on being the "perfect" soldier, but think of what you would say during battle. I want to see the rage, the conflict between the soldiers, and the responses from the Marines to the Al Qaeda. The guns too where not very realistic by the sound. A .50 BMG doesn't sound like an M-14. As said before, this may have been intended or not, maybe the computer wouldn't allow it, I don't know. But improve these things, and it will be a better video!

The only thing i dislike, which i do with most western films and such about war is that the "bad ones" die like flies and can't hit a single shot. Like in star wars, it's not a bad movie series, but the combat between 15 guys with guns who shoot after one dude running in a straight line and miss every shot is not very close to reality. (That's the feeling i get, this is not star wars just explaining what bothers me.)

KillahKai responds:

Hi CarlDaLama!
Thanks for the comment and I know what you mean. I wanted to make more scenes where you saw the Insurgents shoot. In my head the Insurgents where just as many as the Marines.
You just got to see the Marines side of things a bit more... mostly because I got tired of making the "movie" and wanted to finish it.
About the Insurgent who runs across the field. Yes! that was very unrealistic hehe, but I like scenes where a guy is running and you have a shaky cam behind him, so I had to do one hehe!

I knew a girl who went to Iraq and can't stand the 4th of July anymore cause of the PTSD

KillahKai responds:

That's horrible. I hope she gets better. Real war sucks, thats for sure.

Credits & Info

4.69 / 5.00

Jul 30, 2012
3:45 PM EDT