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Super Wrestle Night Xviii

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This is my entry for the intermediate round of the NATA competition. The theme for this round is "A True Companion."
I hope you enjoy :)

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Interesting but could use more effort.

And we have a good entry here, allthough it could use some better stuff here, There was some interesting parts, not great but still ok, but with some more effort this could be something special so take your time with it and add that extra effort and it will pay off in the long run, Well this was not exactly funny, it was ok and could be alot better, I beleive that the jokes could have been executed alot better as they were somewhat dry and just needed more better direction and so-on But that was one area that can really be improved on. This was kind of interesting, but seems to lose the interest level and again that comes to the fact that it needs more humor. but anyways good flash here but does need that extra touch. I like what you have presented here, there was some interesting elements to this, there was some quality to it, but i still feel it lacked some points, maybe that will come thu better with some more effort throughout, Now dont get me wrong i did enjoy this and had fun with it,

Now with some improvments this could be a nifty lil flash it could really be something but i would like to see some ideas and suggestions pushed through, and some of the ideas are pretty simple and basic and can make this bloom into something really special, so try a few ideas out. Needs more animation, needs some more humor and better direction of jokes and all, the whole flash actually needs more of abit of everything.

hillrdavid responds:

Very good. Thank you.

I expected the wrestlers to run into the center and start making out, Im relieved it did not turn in to a fag flash. Thank you for the participating in this nata round. Animation was awsesome because you got the shading right, usual when animators have the positions of there characters change, they forget to change the shading on the character, which really sucks. I didn't notice any weird shading stuff.

Its good but can you build a game?

So it would work...

Reply me owner...

Well, I think this was a pretty good cartoon. I didn't like it how it was a bit too short, but I guess a cartoon made in not much time is expected to be like that. Dang, you guys are throwing in every contest you can come up nowadays! Anyway, I did think the animation was really good. It kind of reminded me of the stuff by Sexual-Lobster. I liked how you showed a dog randomly appearing and winning.

At least it made more sense when the scene continued. It seems like it's been awhile since there's been a wrestling flash that I've seen, much less one that was frontpaged. It's interesting to see what you can do with a single theme. I liked to see what happened in the other wrestling fights mentioned in the titles. Kpheeyat's the new TomAto!

hillrdavid responds:

I ended up cutting out the entire middle of the animation and putting together the beginning and end, due to time constraints. Thanks for the review :)

the hole movie was lame