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The Destroyers Saga I

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From the creator of Just Two Guys comes The Destroyers Saga, an epic fantasy series surrounding the mounting struggle between the protectors of peace and those who seek to destroy. Follow recluse mercenary Orrin as he crosses paths with gods and monsters alike to save the world from annihilation.

Watch PART II HERE: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/600783

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This is pretty good.

Good movie i like it will you make a part 4 though.

goldnerz responds:

I intend to!

Cant wait for part 2

It's not the best work I've seen on Newgrounds, but there's definently effort put into it.

The animation is wonky at bits.
Most of the Voice Actors worked to make good characters.
The writing is pretty good, but I find the random looking comedy bits a tad out of place to all the other parts.

And on the music, Just my Opinion. While sometimes the music was great for a scene, some songs just didn't fit with a scene at all. (Like the song with lyrics playing over a conversation.)

I say this has potential, and I'm interested in seeing part 2.

The storyseems very interesting. the art work wasn't that great. infact the only thing that i liked about it was that it was smooth. The music was good. It did an excellent job setting the audience in the appropriate mood. The voice acting wasn't good at all. it was cheesy at best. You should have auditions for a new cast im sure tons of users would love to help u.