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Reviews for "The Destroyers Saga I"

great story but i cant help but feel like it reminds me of another book i cant remember... other then the art work needing some work you did a very nice job being orignial and creative keep it coming

it has its flaws but the story line behind it has definately caught my attention. can not wait for pt2

hold promise. i will say that the animation isnt outstanding, it looks like it was made in paint. but it was smooth in its execution. the music was very good and it suited the theme of the movie. i think that the story line hold promise and i look forward to the rest of it.

I loved the brief humor in this video, and i see some potential to be great. But the story itself lacks immersion and is a bit too cliche. The whole idea of a group of people wanting to take over the world or some related plot has been done countless times. The most interesting part was the humor sadly. I'll give this an 2.5 for now.

This story is well done, i admired the fact that this is a totaly different world, and it looks promising.
The animation isn't great and could be better, the acting at times just sounds like your reading through the scripts, you need to play around with it, Just know you are the character stop trying..

I'm looking forward to more of these projects good job.